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Among his pursuits, Christopher Reuning takes an active role in organizing and curating exhibitions of violin-family instruments in the United States and abroad.

We are pleased to offer the following that have resulted from the most recent exhibitions:

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Andrea Amati “Opera Omnia”

Ente Triennale Internazionale degli Strumenti ad Arco
Cremona, 2007. Editor: Fausto Cacciatori

This exhibition was devoted to the 21 known instruments made by Andrea Amati, the inventor of the Cremonese violin. Christopher Reuning served on the exhibition’s scientific committee of experts that helped gather, authenticate, and document these rare instruments from worldwide sources.

The catalogue features photographs and technical details of the instruments as well as historical, biographical, and analytical essays by Carlo Chiesa, Renato Meucci, and others.


Price: Sorry, this book has sold out and is not available


1520-1724  Liutai in Brescia

Eric Blot Edizioni, 2008

The historic survey of Brescian instruments, which was hosted by the city of Brescia in 2007, showcased an impressively broad range of instruments from the De Micheli family (1489-1604) through Pietro Giacomo Rogeri (1665-1724). Christopher Reuning led the effort that sought and selected the 30 instruments that were on display.

A year later, exhibit organizers compiled the companion book that includes more than a dozen additional examples from these makers as well as photographs, descriptions, and essays by Carlo Chiesa, John Dilworth, Ugo Ravasio, Duane Rosengard, and others.


Price: $450


Cremona 1730-1750: nell’Olimpo della liuteria

Fondazione Antonio Stradivari, 2008
Editor: Christopher Reuning

Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe Guarneri “del Gesù,” and Carlo Bergonzi were the big three of Cremona. Their exceptional instruments were highlighted in this 2008 exhibit, which took place in the Cremona Civic Museum. Christopher Reuning curated the display of 25 masterpieces and edited the catalog.

In addition to original photographs and instrument details and histories, articles by Carlo Chiesa, Christopher Reuning, Duane Rosengard, Andrew Ryan, and Giovanni Vigo round out the volume.


Price: Sorry, this book has sold out and is not available


Carlo Bergonzi, A Cremonese Master Unveiled

Fondazione Antonio Stradivari, 2010
Editor: Christopher Reuning

Christopher Reuning curated the first-ever exhibit devoted to the Cremonese master, Carlo Bergonzi, which was held in the Cremona Civic Museum in 2010 and attracted international acclaim. The exhibit displayed 22 Bergonzi instruments and revealed newly discovered biographical information about the family.

The catalog illustrates these instruments together with the six Bergonzis that appeared in the 2008 “nell’Olimpo della liuteria” project. Articles by John Becker, Carlo Chiesa, Christopher Reuning, and Duane Rosengard enhance the catalog.


Price: $175


Bottega Italiana, Rare Italian Instruments from the Chi-Mei Collection

Fondazione Museo del Violino Antonio Stradivari, 2013
Editor: Carlo Chiesa

Christopher Reuning curated this 2013 exhibition at the Museo del Violino in Cremona which showcased a small but carefully chosen selection of instruments from the collection of the Chi-Mei Cultural Foundation in Tainan, Taiwan.

The catalog features 20 violins, two violas and one cello, all instruments of the highest quality and in an excellent state of conservation. They represent the output of Italian violinmakers who are important but not widely known, often precisely because of the rarity of their works.


Price: $125



The Violinmakers of Venice 1582-1885

Reuning & Son Violins, 2005

The 2003 American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers (AFVBM) meeting held in Boston featured an outstanding collection of 48 Venetian instruments, which was organized by Christopher Reuning.

Reuning & Son Violins produced this CD-ROM, which illustrates these instruments with photographs and descriptions.


Price: $50    *All sale proceeds benefit the AFVBM


Neapolitan Violin Makers 1708-1967

Reuning & Son Violins, 2010

The 2005 meeting of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers (AFVBM) held in Pittsburgh featured a fine collection of Neapolitan instruments, which was organized by Christopher Reuning. Reuning & Son Violins produced a CD-ROM of the collection, supplemented with additional instruments.

The result is a superb, comprehensive collection of 44 Neapolitan instruments, fully illustrated with detailed photographs and a table of measurements.


Price: $50    *All sale proceeds benefit the AFVBM