String-in Korea

It has been our privilege at Reuning & Son Violins to be associated with many excellent Korean violinists, violists and cellists in both the United States and abroad. When visiting Korea, however, we couldn’t help noticing a lack of professional services and expertise despite the country’s high level of accomplishment on the music and performance side.

Hoping to enhance local resources, we formed an alliance with String-In, a shop in Seoul that boasts an impeccable reputation for integrity and the quality of its repair and restoration.

String-In is run by three graduates of the Chicago School of Violin Making: Kevin March (left), his wife, Min Suh Park (right), and her brother, Jun Suh Park (second from left). Since 2005, String-In has been our stand-in, selling and adjusting the finest instruments and attracting new customers.

The relationship has been fruitful. In the last seven years we have placed a good number of exceptional instruments in the hands of musicians in Korea who also have become our friends. Many of them have made their way to Boston conservatories and schools on the East Coast where it is much easier to keep in touch.

We welcome all our Korean clients to contact us through String-In. Kevin, Min Suh and Jun Suh are always happy to demonstrate violins from our Seoul collection and to introduce Christopher Reuning when he’s in town. If Chris is not at the shop, he’s likely to be found at a local eatery as he’s become an ardent fan of the delectable Korean cuisine!


서울시 서초구 서초동 1487-5
tel: (02)598-8611
fax: (02)522-0261