Viola by

Gaetano Sgarabotto
Parma, c.1928

Gaetano Sgarabotto, born in Vicenza, Italy, in 1878, learned to make musical instruments as a very young man and was mainly self-taught. By age 19, he moved to Milan where he was certainly influenced by the predominant violin maker and dealer in Italy, Leandro Bisiach.

Sgarabotto went on to be a highly recognized maker, living and working very productively to the age of 82. He has recently become especially appreciated for his antiqued copies of old Italian instruments and can be considered as one of the best at this style of making in Italy.

We are fortunate to have handled more than a dozen violas by Sgarabotto and regard them as exceptional instruments suitable for fine professionals and artists. This example is in near mint condition and has a back length of 41.9 centimeters.