Viola by

Anselmo Bellosio
Venice, c.1793

The Venetian maker Anselmo Bellosio was born in the small town of Cassine in the Piedmont area of Italy in 1743. He moved to Venice at age 20, initially working as a servant. By 1770, he was working as a violin maker, probably in the Serafin workshop. After the death of the last Serafin in 1776, Bellosio took over that famous workshop.

Bellosio was certainly one of the most refined and skilled makers in Italy at the end of the 18th century. His best work was equal to that of his master from a half century earlier. He made but few violas, yet they are very well regarded. This example, made at the end of his life with the assistance of his young assistant, Marc’ Antonio Cerin, remains in near perfect condition. Its back length measures 40.2 centimeters.