Violin by

Bartolomeo Tassini
Venice, c.1760

A somewhat rarer maker, Bartolomeo Tassini crafted violins in the Veneto region of Italy in the mid-1700s. His instruments demonstrate the strong influence of Jacob Stainer, the most highly regarded maker in many European circles in the 1600s. With its graceful outline and strong sound holes, the Stainer model was a dominant force in violinmaking throughout Italy, France, England, and the Netherlands in the 1700s. Within Italy, Stainer’s influence was realized especially in Bologna, Florence, and Rome.

Though it does not retain its original scroll, this example by Tassini is in otherwise excellent condition and represents an excellent opportunity to own a fine 1700s Venetian violin at a reasonable price. Its sound is brilliant and bold, well-suited to the musician who seeks power and clarity.