Violin by

Leandro Bisiach
Milan, c.1895

Leandro Bisiach of Milan first learned the art of violinmaking from Riccardo Antoniazzi, who had moved to Milan from Cremona with his father and brother, also violinmakers. With this training, Bisiach created one of the most important Italian violin firms of the late 1800s and early 1900s. All three Antoniazzis would work in Bisiach’s workshop at different times, and it was in this shop that a number of other very well-known luthiers of 1900s Italy learned the trade (Sgarabotto, Pedrazzini, Garimberti, and Ornati being the most famous). The workshop produced new-looking instruments and also antiqued examples based on the work of old masters. These copies were well-informed, as Leandro Bisiach was the leading Italian dealer in antique instruments of his day. Internationally recognized, he did business with the Hill firm of England and the Wurlitzer shop in the United States.

We are offering one of the finest examples of Leandro Bisiach’s personal making that has ever come through our shop. In nearly mint condition, this violin dates from c.1895 and features a compelling, rich sound.