//Simone Fernando Sacconi, New York, 1947
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Violin by

Simone Fernando Sacconi
New York, 1947

Considered by most to be the greatest violin maker of the 20th century, Simone Sacconi can also be regarded as the most important follower of Stradivari in the modern day.

Sacconi made this exceptional violin in 1947 when he was 62 years old and head of the Emil Herrmann shop in New York. He was to take charge of the Wurlitzer shop three years later, in 1951. In these roles, Sacconi handled some of the greatest violins in the world, including Stradivari violins from 1714 “Berou”, “Jackson”, “Joachim”, “Soil”, “Kyd”, and “Da Vinci”. This close contact certainly would have served as inspiration for this violin, which bears a facsimile Stradivari label of 1714 together with Sacconi’s label. We are indeed privileged to have this masterpiece in our collection.