Violin by

Gaetano Pasta
Brescia, c.1700

Born in Milan, Gaetano Pasta trained with his father Bartolomeo, himself a former pupil of Nicolo Amati in Cremona. Since Cremona was already crowded enough with prominent workshops in the 1600-1700s (Amati, Guarneri, Stradivari, Rugeri… ), it was common for violinmakers who trained there to eventually travel to other cities to start their own businesses.

Just as his father moved from Cremona to establish in Milan, the younger Gaetano Pasta would move 80 kilometers east of Milan to the town of Brescia around 1694. There, he made violins in a style influenced by Amati and particularly by G. B. Rogeri, Pasta’s more famous Brescian counterpart. Historically, Gaetano Pasta was not as well-known as Rogeri. His work was so similar, though, that throughout history most of his instruments were renamed as the work of Rogeri.

New to our collection, this exciting violin by Gaetano Pasta is classic in its craftsmanship and produces a powerful, textured sound. A perfect example of the Rogeri style, even bearing his label, this violin would make an ideal companion for a soloist or concertmaster.