Violin by

George Gemunder
New York, 1851

Born in Germany in 1816, George Gemunder learned the art of violinmaking from his father. He apprenticed in various German shops after his father’s passing in 1835, and beginning in 1843 spent several very productive years working with the great J.B. Vuillaume in Paris. Vuillaume’s influence on Gemunder’s making was strong, and in that shop Gemunder gained experience working with some of the world’s finest instruments and musicians.

George was convinced by his two brothers (also instrument makers) to move to America in 1847. He spent a few years here in Massachusetts before opening a workshop in Manhattan in 1850. His fine craftsmanship led to a quartet of instruments taking top prize at the 1851 Grand Exhibition in London, and his success there drove demand for his work.

We are pleased to offer a Gemunder of the finest type, built on a Stradivari model and made in the Vuillaume style. It offers the musician a bold sound, rich in color and musical possibility. An ideal instrument for a player looking for the power and quality of a Vuillaume at a fraction of the cost.