Violin by

George Wulme-Hudson
London, c.1900

A well-known luthier during his own time, George Wulme-Hudson began making violins comparatively late, completing his first violin in his thirtieth year. Prior to this, his experience working with violins was limited to a pawn shop in London, where he learned the process of taking an ordinary violin and “antiquing” it with dirt, resin, and soots so that it could be sold for a higher price. This translated into one of Wulme-Hudson’s eventual hallmarks, which was the reproduction of violins by older Italian makers whose works were, at that time, lesser-known (but still more valuable than newly-made instruments).

Wulme-Hudson was himself a well-educated violinist, having attended the Guildhall School of Music in London. His ear for proper violin sound is evident in his craftsmanship, and his violins have a reputation for their attractive tone. The violin we are offering is in nearly perfect condition and projects a robust, warm sound.