Violin by

Giorgio Serafin
Venice, c.1760

Giorgio Serafin, born in Venice in 1726, was the nephew and student of Santo Serafin. Although Giorgio is an extremely well regarded Venetian maker, the scope of his work has not been fully appreciated until recent years. This is because only one decade of his early work, in the 1740s, was labeled and branded. It is now understood that in 1750, Giorgio Serafin took over the business of the recently deceased Domenico Montagnana and by contractual obligation, sold his own instruments thereafter without any label. For this reason, his later works have often been misidentified.

This superb violin demonstrates the development of Serafin from his early work, which closely followed the model of his uncle. It is a late example, circa 1760, and is a bold and confident artistic expression that combines elements of Pietro Guarneri with Domenico Montagnana. We believe it is a concert violin of the first rank.