Violin by

Vincenzo Panormo
“ex Alfredo Campoli”

Vincenzo Panormo was born in 1734 in Monreale, near Palermo in Sicily, and was baptized as Vincenzo Trusiano. Vincenzo’s instrument-maker father and presumed teacher, Gaspar Trusiano, moved to Naples with Vincenzo and his brother about 1760 and adopted the name “Panormo” at that time. Vincenzo went on to reside in Rome, London, Paris, possibly Milan, Dublin, and London again.

He was certainly the first maker of his day in both Paris and London to champion the Stradivari model and can be considered as the best maker to have worked in London and one of the best along with Nicolas Lupot and Francois Pique to have worked in Paris.

This exceptional example of Panormo’s Parisian making was once owned by the famed British violinist Alfredo Campoli. It boasts a powerful, broad sound that is sure to delight audiences and players alike.