Violin by

Riccardo & Romeo Antoniazzi
Milan, 1912

Riccardo and Romeo Antoniazzi were the sons of Gaetano Antoniazzi, who trained with the famous Ceruti family of Cremona. Sometime after Romeo’s birth in 1862, the family left Cremona and, after short periods in other cities, eventually made Milan their home in 1870.

Riccardo and Romeo followed in their father’s footsteps as violinmakers. In Milan, Riccardo taught Leandro Bisiach, who created what would be the most important violin firm in turn of the century Italy. All three Antoniazzis practiced their craft in his workshop, where they influenced an entire generation of violinmakers through their teaching.

Riccardo and Romeo generally worked independently, but did occasionally collaborate on instruments. This cooperation is demonstrated in the violin we are offering, which bears the original signed label of Riccardo but clearly shows Romeo’s hand. It is made on an elegant but robust model, presented in essentially mint condition. Its beautiful workmanship and powerful, complex tone make it a superb example of early 1900s Italian violinmaking.