Violin by

Vincenzo Sannino
Rome, c.1921

Vincenzo Sannino was born in Naples, Italy in 1879. He trained formally as a violinist at the Naples Conservatory, but it was his self-taught ability as a violinmaker that would bring him fame. Sannino created instruments on a variety of models, from prior Neapolitan makers like Nicolo Gagliano and Lorenzo Ventapane to the more famous northern Italian makers such as Stradivari, Guarneri, Guadagnini, and Pressenda. Sannino was one of the best copyists of 20thcentury Italy; his clever antiquing was rivaled only by Gaetano Sgarabotto of Milan. In 1914, Sannino began working in Rome, though many of his labels over the next few decades continued to list Naples as their city of origin. Sannino had a prodigious output of instruments, having made around 700 violins, 50 violas, and 80 cellos.

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