Cello by

Carlo Carletti
Pieve di Cento, c.1910

Carlo Carletti was the first violin maker from this important family who worked outside Bologna. Although Carletti is highly regarded, his work is underrated in our view. Carletti could be counted as one of the cleverest copyists in Italy in his day along with Gaetano Sgarabotto and the Neapolitan makers, like Giovanni Pistucci. As a result, his best instruments rarely carry his label. Nevertheless, his work is starting to receive its just recognition by today’s experts.

This exceptional cello is labeled Luigi Soffriti. Like much of Carletti’s work, it is made from attractively flamed Lombardy poplar and has a deep brown-red varnish. It has a full and noble sound that approaches some of the best 18th century Italian cellos in warmth and richness.