Violin by

W. E. Hill & Sons
London, 1895
“no. 57”

The legendary Hill family of England traces its roots back to the 1600s through generations of musicians, instrument makers, and merchants. The family reached its pinnacle in 1800 when William Ebsworth Hill, along with his four sons, established the W. E. Hill & Sons firm in London. Hill succeeded in creating the day’s most important firm for violin-family expertise, restoration, and making.

The Hills’ extensive work with great Italian masterpieces positioned them well to create instruments built as very close copies to the originals. Our violin, numbered 57 and dating from around 1895, is an early and superb example made with attractive slab-cut maple. Covered in a deep orange-red varnish and built on the Amatise Stradivari form, this instrument is preserved in mint condition. Its attractiveness and condition coupled with a brilliant, powerful sound make it an ideal choice for both collector and player.