Violin by

Domenico Busan
Venice, c.1750

Domenico Busan was born in Treviso near Venice in 1717 or 1718 where he seems to have remained for the first 30 years of his life. Although it is logical that he would have trained as a violin maker with Pietro Antonio Dalla Costa, there is no evidence this occurred. By 1747, Busan was in Venice where he rented the house and workshop of Matteo Goffriller who had died five years earlier.

Busan made some fine violas and cellos, both large and small, as well as several double basses. He is best known for his violas, which have been played by such notables as Michael Tree and Bruno Giuranna.

Busan’s violins are most rare; we know of a mere handful and consider this example as one of the best. It is Venetian in character and recalls the work of Goffriller with a very rustic style. It has a tremendous sound that is lush and powerful.