Violin by

Giacomo Gennaro
Cremona, c.1650
“Wechsburg ex Amati”

Giacomo Gennaro was born in 1624, probably in the town of Soresina, just northwest of Cremona. He moved to Cremona and took up residence with Nicolo Amati, training and working in his workshop from 1641-1646. Sometime after, Gennaro took a likely well-paid job as the guard at the famous clock tower in Cremona. He continued to make violins, though their relative rarity is probably due to violinmaking becoming a supplemental, rather than primary, source of income for Gennaro.

Stylistically, Gennaro’s personal instruments follow the brothers Girolamo and Antonio Amati, Nicolo’s father and uncle. In fact, the violin we are offering was known for many years as the work of the Brothers Amati. It was purchased in 1951 from Emil Hermann by the late Joseph Wechsberg, violinist, noted author, and instrument connoisseur. It remained in his hands until 1961, when Wechsberg sold it and acquired the “Mez” Stradivari of 1729. The next owner was Hugh Long, a very prominent American collector.

This violin by Giacomo Gennaro features a warm tone of rich color and texture. We proudly offer it for sale as an ideal instrument for any musician seeking the classic Cremonese sound at a more attainable price.