Violin by

Gaetano Gadda

Gaetano Gadda (1900-1956) was the primary student and assistant of Stefano Scarampella in Mantua from 1919 until Scarampella’s death in 1925. Despite their relatively short relationship, Scarampella’s influence on Gadda’s making was strong. Gadda’s own violins were modeled after his teacher’s for his entire career and featured Scarampella’s unmistakable outline, soundhole design and strong arching. These characteristics provide his instruments with tremendous tonal qualities much in the style of his teacher. His industrious output and skilled craftsmanship cemented him as one of the most recognized Italian violinmakers of the 1900s.

This especially beautiful example of Gadda’s work dates from 1937. It is made with remarkable picturesque wood and remains in an incredibly pure state of preservation. Covered in a fine golden-orange varnish, it boasts a bold, enveloping tone sure to be appreciated by a professional musician.