Violin by

Nicolo Amati
Cremona, 1665

This beautiful and refined violin by Nicolo Amati gets its name from Sir Wilfred Hepton, a Lord Mayor of Leeds, who purchased it from W.E. Hill & Sons in 1910. The violin was displayed in the famous 1937 exhibition in Cremona as well as the 1945 Brooklyn Museum exhibition. It was later purchased by C. Wilbur Hoffmann, who also owned the “Gillfillan, Hoffmann” Bergonzi, and subsequently by Melvin Ritter, the concertmaster of the St. Louis Symphony, who played it to the end of his life.
This violin remains in excellent condition and notably has no bushings to the pegholes. It has a gorgeous, enveloping sound, which makes it suitable for both a top player and a serious collector.