Viola by

Lorenzo Storioni
Cremona, 1785
“ex Harold Coletta”

Lorenzo Storioni was born in Cremona toward the end of the great classical period that came to an abrupt halt with the deaths of the three Stradivaris, Giuseppe Guarneri “del Gesù”, and Carlo and Michel Angelo Bergonzi. Storioni was a contemporary of the third generation of the Bergonzi family and came to share a workshop address with Nicolo Bergonzi five years after this 1785 viola was made.

Although Storioni is well known for a large number of violins, his violas are very highly regarded and have served a number of important concert artists over the years. Storioni violas were normally built on a small pattern, but this viola was extended in length, so it is now an “ideal” size of 42.7 centimeters length of back. It exhibits a bold, resonant tone with exquisite colors and can be considered a top-level viola for any serious artist.