“A Stradivari Serenade” Documentary

In February 2020, Reuning & Son Violins teamed up with the fabulous A Far Cry ensemble to fill an entire orchestra with Stradivaris, Guarneris, and more of the finest classical Italian instruments for a once-in-a-lifetime concert.

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Reuning & Son Violins is excited to announce our expansion to New York City

Located just steps from Carnegie Hall, our new showroom offers clients the chance to explore our world-class selection of instruments and bows from the convenience of midtown Manhattan. In addition to our experienced sales consultants, Christopher Reuning is available for appraisals, certificates of authenticity, and advice on selling your instrument.

Our New York showroom is available by appointment only. Please call 617-262-1300 or email info@reuning.com for scheduling and location information. We look forward to seeing you in our new home away from home!

Cremonese Masterworks by Stradivari, Guarneri, Bergonzi, and Amati

Although Reuning & Son Violins has always been very active in the midrange of the stringed instrument market, we are also a leading international dealer in instruments by the most valuable makers.

Antonio Stradivari

As a founder of Tarisio Auctions, Christopher Reuning was engaged to supervise Tarisio’s sale of the 1721 “Lady Blunt” Stradivari violin, which sold for a world record price of $15.9 million in 2011. More recently, we sold the 1715 “Joachim, Mendelssohn, ex de Barrau” Stradivari violin in 2018 for a significantly higher price which today marks the record price for any musical instrument.

In other Stradivari transactions of note, Reuning & Son Violins recently sold the magnificent 1727 “Venus” Stradivari violin, the 1713 “Viotti, Rodewald” Stradivari on behalf of the Eric Rosenblith estate, the 1732 “Red Diamond” Stradivari, and the c.1735 “ex Miller” Stradivari. The 1708 “Bagshawe” was sold for use by the concertmaster of the San Diego Symphony.

Four of the world’s most important Stradivari cellos were entrusted to Reuning & Son Violins. The 1707 “Paganini, Countess of Stainlein” was sold on behalf of the Bernard Greenhouse family for a world record price for a cello in 2012. The following year, the 1710 “Gore-Booth” Stradivari cello was sold for nearly double that sum, a record that stands today for any cello. In 2015, the c.1732 “Stuart” was sold, and in 2016 the 1673 “Du Pré, Harrell” was sold for the use of Hungarian cellist, István Várdai.

Giuseppe Guarneri “del Gesù”

Reuning & Son Violins was involved in the first sale in China of a Guarneri “del Gesù” violin, an example dated 1738, and we sold the only known “del Gesù” cello, the 1732 “Messeas”. We also handled the 1741 “Lipinski, San Malo”, the c.1742 “Chatelanat”, and the c.1726 “Zimmermann”, among others. We have experience as well with numerous examples by the other members of the Guarneri family.

Carlo Bergonzi

On the heels of the landmark 2010 Bergonzi exhibition in Cremona, which was curated by Christopher Reuning, we sold the magnificent c.1737 “Berkic, Pennington” Carlo Bergonzi to a private collector for a world record price. We’ve also recently sold two other fine examples of this rare maker, the c.1744 “Gilfillan, Hoffmann”, and the c.1738 “Lord Kingston”.

The Amati Family

While we have handled a number of fine instruments by members of the Amati family, of particular note is our sale of an extremely rare viola by Andrea Amati, the c.1574 “Medici, Lord Wilton”, to the Chi-Mei Foundation in Tainan, Taiwan. This important instrument, one of just five known violas by this maker, set a world record for any Amati instrument and for any viola. In 2017 we sold a string quartet of instruments by Nicolo Amati, perhaps the first time this has been achieved in modern history. This included two rare grand pattern violins: the 1647 “Hill, Jellinek” and the 1669 “ex Collin”. Separately, we sold another grand pattern Nicolo Amati violin, the 1682 “ex Spagnoletti”. More recently, we sold the famous decorated viola of the late Walter Trampler made by the brothers Amati c.1590 known as the “Canzi, Trampler”.

We normally have available instruments by these important makers, but typically refrain from advertising to respect the privacy of both seller and buyer. We welcome serious inquiries from anyone who wishes to acquire an exclusive instrument, backed by our expertise and reputation. Also, please feel free to contact us if you have an instrument to sell.

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