Our Workshop

Whether the task at hand is the painstaking restoration of a historically significant instrument or the routine repair and maintenance of your own violin, our craftsmen spend the time they deem necessary to do their finest work.

Please keep in mind, however, that our workshop gives priority to instruments originally sold by our firm; thus, we rarely undertake extensive restoration work on instruments that did not come through our showroom. We have extremely limited availability to undertake repairs on instruments from new clients.

Scheduling an Appointment

Bow repair and rehair services are available by appointment Tuesday through Friday with
Eric Lane.

Be aware that Eric Lane’s appointments fill up rather quickly so please call in advance to schedule an appointment. Please call 617-262-1300 or email info@reuning.com to inquire with our front office staff about scheduling an appointment for your bow.

Instrument repairs and tonal adjustments are by appointment only and are accepted on an extremely limited basis. Priority is given to instruments we have sold.

Please call 617-262-1300 or email info@reuning.com to inquire about scheduling a repair assessment.