Eliane Leblanc

Eliane is a fourth generation woodworker. Her father’s carpentry workshop being adjacent to the family home, she became familiar with wood and with the tools of the trade at an early age. She also showed an early interest in music, beginning violin lessons at age six. She later enrolled in a music-school program where she continued her musical studies.

After two years of college, focusing on violin performance and musicology, she decided to pursue her long-standing interest in violin making and enrolled in the Cremona International Violin Making School in Italy where she earned an Operatore di liuteria diploma. Three years later, she obtained an Arts & Crafts Master Diploma (DMA), cum laude, at the Mirecourt School of Violin Making in France.

After graduating Mirecourt, Eliane was honored to become the apprentice of luthier Pierre Caradot in his Paris workshop. Caradot’s vast clientele and his expertise as a former workshop manager of the late Etienne Vatelot allowed Eliane to hone her skills and perform both simple repairs and complex restorations on fine instruments. In a shop where everything is done in close partnership with musicians, she spent considerable time listening to instruments and exploring tone-adjustment possibilities.

Being aware that the highest levels of violin making and restoration can best be achieved through the exchange of knowledge, Eliane makes it a priority to work in close collaboration with both colleagues of the trade and specialists in related fields. She regularly attends workshops in Europe and in the U.S., and she likes to explore the latest techniques and materials, always looking for better and more conservative options.

Eliane makes an average of two instruments every year, sometimes fulfilling a particular request from a player, sometimes simply following her own tastes and inspiration. In the 2012 Viola’s International Competition, one of her violas was awarded the prize for best-sounding instrument in a blind trial, as well as a finalist’s certificate for the quality of the craftsmanship.

She is proud to be a part of the team at Reuning & Son Violins since 2013.